ASSEMBLY Solutions & Firmware Designing

Small right things together make a big difference. Solutions of ABL add extremely small and performance-critical parts together with ever-tightening tolerances.

Assembly Solutions

ABL Automation Inc. produces a wide variety of electronic assembly for various applications across a various industries. We provide high reliability solutions for electronic assembly.The equipment we run for assembly solutions is unmatched in the industry with type of machines which are capable of placing any part in existence. We are dedicated to offering every electronic assembly solutions at the highest levels of flexibility, complexity and reliability.

Firmware Designing

We provide reliable Firmware Design Services to our customers. ABL is second to none electronic product design house of Wisconsin USA because of understanding of hardware and involution of the hardware design of a specific electronic product.The Firmware Designing services are executed by our highly experienced and efficient team of engineers who are dedicated to designing hardware and firmware concurrently from the ground. Using a variety of embedded chip-set designs engineering team of ABL Automation has created many on-board Firmware Designing solutions.

Precision Assembly

To create a quality experience, the smallest and the smartest components have to be assembled precisely in a flash. Compromises cannot be tolerated.

Component placement

An increasing number of parts and paraphernalia are unapproachable for the conventional pick & place machines. By ignoring the shape, handling all components requires deep knowledge about the component placement. Generally, components which have wire leads are used on through-hole boards, and they require either passive or active clinching.

Component feeding

Its different thing to automate the assembly of smart devices then feed the components into the assembly cell. Components feeding, especially special-shaped components and bulk material, for the assembly phase by using various types of feeder technologies. Components can be feed into the assembly cell from tubes, trays or tape & reel.


The joining of even smaller and smarter parts is not an easy minute task. Parts have to be joined with high quality without sacrificing the performance or visual looks of the end product. Joining of different types of components and parts with numerous technologies in the assembly phase of mass manufacturing.


We can't say given board is the perfect board if individual PCBs are not separated from a panel without damaging assembled joints, components or the board itself.


In rapidly mass production, every product needs to be identified. Traceability is very important to avoid giving faulty products into the hands of consumers.

Material Handling

Materials have to be in the right place in the right way and at the right time. Effective manufacturing does not work otherwise.

Special Application

Can't find matching applications for your specific automation needs? No worries, here are just a few examples. We have all the know-how to build special applications, just name your need. Applications for special processes and customer requirements.